Sunday, February 12, 2012

I bake my own bread

I haven't bought a loaf of bread in years. The last loaf I bought was in ca 2009, I believe. I stopped buying it because that loaf lasted for over a month and never got moldy or stale.  How do people eat non-food?

So my cute cousin gave me a really good bread recipe once when I went to visit her as a respite from Provolandia. It is my go-to recipe, because I can bake it from start (flour and yeast in respective receptacles) to finish (two golden loaves) in under two hours.

I baked some recently.

It tastes like play-doh.

I cannot get enough of it. Am I disgusting?

(This is NOT the recent culprit, but rather an early example from last year, using the same recipe, which inexplicably got HUGE while baking. Bread is an interesting experiment, as the conditions of the day effect the mood and therefore overall personality of the end product.)

(also, I may have a new crush.)


Coco said...

Looks great, can you send me the recipe?

marge said...

you are a wizard.

Lesshalynn said...

Hey grrl. Here's le recipe!
(bakes 2 loaves)
2.5 C warm water
3 T salt
4 T oil
4 T honey or brown sugar
4 C flour (white or wheat)(I like bread flour, but you can use all-purpose)
2 T yeast
(4 T Gluten if using wheat flour)
Mix all of that together in a large glass bowl.
Add additional flour, 2 C at a time, then decrease to .5 C at a time until dough no longer clings to sides of your bowl, and is only slightly sticky to the touch.
Knead for 8-10 minutes.
Divide into two parts and place these into two prepared (greased and flour'd) bread pans.
Let rise til double (about 25 minutes). Bake at 370 for 22ish minutes, or until you can no longer resist waiting.
This dough is super easy and low maintenance to deal with, and can be used for rolls, bread, breadsticks, pizza crust, cinnamon rolls, etc.
Happy baking!