Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

I'm going crazy, I think.

I am way too overloaded for any sanity to survive.

That all being said, I realize that I haven't posted for over a month!!!

-This is utterly unacceptable-

So. Updates.

It's getting warm. I think I might have a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), because I have had the hardest month. For two days when it snowed, I didn't leave my room. This terrible early 90's song seemed an appropriate soundtrack for my life...

So I'm up. I'm out of bed. The sun seems like it stays up for longer, and that is a happy thing for me. There a crocuses blossoming in my yard, a sure sign that glorious Spring is on the horizon. I can shake off the SAD-ness, and again regain my sanity- search under my crushing busy-ness.

To help this quest, I have made a goal. I want to get into the 'Cupcake Fad' currently so popular in all glorious cities.

I want to bring it to Happy Valley, and make it
work for me. I am going to be the cupcake czar of Utah Valley
and this is going to make me rich...

Well, kinda.

I am looking into
the local towns' fairs and city celebration days, as well as the local
business-fostering Provo Farmers' Market. I think there's a strong
market for deliciousness in these places.

So. I am looking for recipes. I have some GREAT ideas for things, but I am always happy to hear new thoughts.

ALSO, I am willing to bake for events: parties and family gatherings... did you ever think of having a wedding cupcake- cake to save space, hassle, money, and to accommodate the various tastes of all your guests? I want to make it for you. I hope it gets off the ground- People in Utah LOVE food. We LOVE clean, seemingly family-and-food-oriented fun, and this is a fantastic way to go. I am willing to make a go of it. More deets to come on that project...

Also, I have an exciting news update: my mom is coming to visit. I know that we'll have a grand adventure... I am making a paper chain until the day she gets here. I've been missing her a lot lately, and it will be good to see her and spend time with her. She is goodness.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tell Me About It...

I am working on creating a new exhibit for The Internship... we are trying to open up the topic of how digital media is effecting our lives, and how much it is really integrating our society. In my research- which is multitudinous to say the least- I came across these from an unknown artist. I am enamored with them. I told Keri about them, and she had some good ideas about it too.

Anyone who spends upwards of an hour or so with me in an area where there is reasonable cellular service will know that I am a texter- extraordinaire. Given that I have about 500 minutes per month to share with 4 other people, coupled with unlimited text, I feel I have a valid and reasonable explanation to the incessant habit.

I really like the way that these works are bring out the goodness and the little encapsulation that happens in our frantic wireless lives, and the way that the message isn't always entirely clear, and the tone is so frequently mistaken. I can't count the number of mistakes that have been made, and the awkwardness that might have been avoided were it for a simple voiced, face-to-face conversation. The unknown texter behind these images is sheer genius, and has the right idea.

I also enjoy, in a mildly voyeuristic fashion, being in-the-know about the tender moments of intimate conversation that surrounds these texts. I feel like a spy, or a government agent or like I am in on some covert ops in the interrelationship of these mystery people/lovers. I do not know the history surrounding these brief moments of the conversation, so I like making up the story around it. If this is where art is headed, I am a fan.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet Libation of the Gods

I was born on the 3 of November. This is, incidentally, the International Day of the Sandwich. I am so enamored with this food product, I can't help but writing an ode (or sonnet... dirty limerick... brief paragraph... you get the point) to the sandwich here.

I've always really loved PB&J. My dad used to make them for me before school every morning- I got hooked.
My latest, and most ardent obsession of late, however, is a tuna on wheat. Sounds gross, maybe, but with the right (off-brand, Kroger) mayo and a stick of celery cut to the just-right- morsel- sized portions, perfection is not a far cry.
I might be so besotted with this particular variety due to the fact that i have about 40 cans of tuna in my possession, and am currently the most poor that i have ever been in my life. So I eat what I've got. And I've got tuna. Lots of it.
In other news, and along the same (poverty) lines, Macey's Grocery Store had the most insane sale yesterday. No kidding, they were offering 4 lbs of bananas for a dollar. I found myself waiting in a huge crowd of people, which i wasn't entirely sure what they were all waiting for at the time. I realized later that we were seeking out .49 cent loaves of bread. I imagined then, the possibilities of my sandwich mania exponentially expanding. After getting trampled by a swarm of hungry housewives, who had stolen away from their hoovertown shanties, so desprate for a deal that they forgot basic human decency, and college students who seem to think we're in throes of the Great Depression, I made out with two loaves of still-warm wheat bread for under a buck. Awesome. All told, I bought two- weeks worth of grocerys for...dun-dun-da... $12.29. Yes. $12.29. Please hold you applause and shock and awe.
I feel as though my love of sandwich is well founded, and since we actually are in the midst of the comparatively Great(er) Depression, am empowered to continue my torrid relationship with two slices of bread and some filling. If you're really bored (more than just looking at my blog), this has some cool sandwich-y stuff, and this has some valuable info on the history of this, the libations of gods... now go make yuhself a sammige, and read it. Happy eating.