Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Break Part I

This is in no way a comprehensive list, but I am hoping it's a digestible amount of info about the highlights of Christmas Break thus far:

Falling down
I basically destroyed my knee(s) and face. Suffice it to say that I probably should have gotten stitches. Also, again, my body is amazing at healing.

Sleeping for 12 hours in Brown Town.
Thanks KB's family. Your mattress(es) are delightful.

Bountiful Temple
I have been to 8 of Utah's 13 LDS temples prior to this vacation. I can now claim 9. I want the rest of them too! The Bountiful Temple is incredible. I was able to go with my dad one day after my 1 year endowment anniversary. Very good way to commemorate the Christmas season. 

Dad washing dishes to pay for dinner
We have a family tradition of going to a kind of terrible pizza place whenever we are all together in Ogden. My dad thought it would be fun to "forget" his wallet and pay for our dinner by washing dishes. The bartering system is an active force, as the employees let him scrub plates for about five minutes before they decided it was maybe a bit unprofessional.

Spooning with Jenny
My sister is the best at spooning me. She's so selfless and always lets me be the little spoon. That's true love.

Wizard coats/hunting for weapons
In line with family traditions, we also make a yearly trek to an amazing (literally, so incredible) store, Smith and Edwards in northern Utah. On this particular adventure, Jen and dad and I found some military coats that made us look like medieval wizards. Accordingly, we hunted for some weapon props and had a photo shoot. Images will follow shortly.

Trying to explain Skype to Granny
My dad gave granny a Skype account and a webcam for her Christmas gift. This made one of my main tasks to attempt to explain how Skype works and the point of it to her. I sometimes forget that older generations have a totally different context than me; it's good to be reminded of that once in a while. It helps me appreciate technology more, as well as to see my timeframe as both fleeting and new.

Granny trying to make Brandon's call into the Lawrence Welk show
With the new Skype gear, and an expected call from Germany, Granny decided to make the call just-so with a lot of setting and arranging. She hung snowflakes that my brother made four years ago, and tried to persuade us to sit in front of the Christmas tree with a crackling fire lit in the background, nevermind the fact that is was about 90 degrees in her living room.

Baby brother called us from Bayreuth, Germany. Seriously, it was so incredibly good to not only talk tom but to see him for an hour and a half. He has grown immensely in his confidence, his spirit and his maturity. I will be home in October, 2k12. Can't wait. We will get to talk to him again in May.

More to come!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I just finished writing my first term paper of my graduate career (19 Pages? why yes, this IS real life).
I have one presentation and two papers left to write for the term. Those papers are only loosely formed.
I was aided in the fact that it snowed nearly the entire day in Lincoln, causing me to tumble into a veritable pit of despair and indignation. I had to channel all of my energy caused by this personal foul into something creative. The six (and growing) inches currently on the ground outside were the perfect catalyst for me to sit down and finally commit to this paper.

Snowflake Studies
Wilson Bentley
ca. 1902
Paired with some Edamame, Neko Case and The Kills, this is the Perfect Paper-Writing Storm (PPWS for future reference).

I feel only 83% good about the final outcome of the paper, but I can't really afford to spend any more time on it.

Sometimes good enough has to be good enough.

I have a lot to say about a lot of things, but I cannot fathom staring at this presbyopia- inducing screen, with all its pdfs, pixels and internet- seduction for another second. I will have to report more fully at a later date. Just be ready for lots. of. goodness.

Now I need to go take 50 Quaaludes and force myself to unwind; do not think about art, history, theory or culture, context or style for one more minute.