Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet Libation of the Gods

I was born on the 3 of November. This is, incidentally, the International Day of the Sandwich. I am so enamored with this food product, I can't help but writing an ode (or sonnet... dirty limerick... brief paragraph... you get the point) to the sandwich here.

I've always really loved PB&J. My dad used to make them for me before school every morning- I got hooked.
My latest, and most ardent obsession of late, however, is a tuna on wheat. Sounds gross, maybe, but with the right (off-brand, Kroger) mayo and a stick of celery cut to the just-right- morsel- sized portions, perfection is not a far cry.
I might be so besotted with this particular variety due to the fact that i have about 40 cans of tuna in my possession, and am currently the most poor that i have ever been in my life. So I eat what I've got. And I've got tuna. Lots of it.
In other news, and along the same (poverty) lines, Macey's Grocery Store had the most insane sale yesterday. No kidding, they were offering 4 lbs of bananas for a dollar. I found myself waiting in a huge crowd of people, which i wasn't entirely sure what they were all waiting for at the time. I realized later that we were seeking out .49 cent loaves of bread. I imagined then, the possibilities of my sandwich mania exponentially expanding. After getting trampled by a swarm of hungry housewives, who had stolen away from their hoovertown shanties, so desprate for a deal that they forgot basic human decency, and college students who seem to think we're in throes of the Great Depression, I made out with two loaves of still-warm wheat bread for under a buck. Awesome. All told, I bought two- weeks worth of grocerys for...dun-dun-da... $12.29. Yes. $12.29. Please hold you applause and shock and awe.
I feel as though my love of sandwich is well founded, and since we actually are in the midst of the comparatively Great(er) Depression, am empowered to continue my torrid relationship with two slices of bread and some filling. If you're really bored (more than just looking at my blog), this has some cool sandwich-y stuff, and this has some valuable info on the history of this, the libations of gods... now go make yuhself a sammige, and read it. Happy eating.

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