Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

I'm going crazy, I think.

I am way too overloaded for any sanity to survive.

That all being said, I realize that I haven't posted for over a month!!!

-This is utterly unacceptable-

So. Updates.

It's getting warm. I think I might have a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), because I have had the hardest month. For two days when it snowed, I didn't leave my room. This terrible early 90's song seemed an appropriate soundtrack for my life...

So I'm up. I'm out of bed. The sun seems like it stays up for longer, and that is a happy thing for me. There a crocuses blossoming in my yard, a sure sign that glorious Spring is on the horizon. I can shake off the SAD-ness, and again regain my sanity- search under my crushing busy-ness.

To help this quest, I have made a goal. I want to get into the 'Cupcake Fad' currently so popular in all glorious cities.

I want to bring it to Happy Valley, and make it
work for me. I am going to be the cupcake czar of Utah Valley
and this is going to make me rich...

Well, kinda.

I am looking into
the local towns' fairs and city celebration days, as well as the local
business-fostering Provo Farmers' Market. I think there's a strong
market for deliciousness in these places.

So. I am looking for recipes. I have some GREAT ideas for things, but I am always happy to hear new thoughts.

ALSO, I am willing to bake for events: parties and family gatherings... did you ever think of having a wedding cupcake- cake to save space, hassle, money, and to accommodate the various tastes of all your guests? I want to make it for you. I hope it gets off the ground- People in Utah LOVE food. We LOVE clean, seemingly family-and-food-oriented fun, and this is a fantastic way to go. I am willing to make a go of it. More deets to come on that project...

Also, I have an exciting news update: my mom is coming to visit. I know that we'll have a grand adventure... I am making a paper chain until the day she gets here. I've been missing her a lot lately, and it will be good to see her and spend time with her. She is goodness.


Christine Armbruster said...

this girl in my photo class makes the most delicious cupcakes and she said she has a martha stewart cup cake book that is the bomb.com . check up on that.

Jendar said...

i love cupcakes! i made some las saturday for the first time and they turned out good. you need to make red velvet cupcakes. theyre just the best. btw, i heard there is a cupcake place next to the provo town center. but my friend went and she said that the cupcakes were not good. so i guess that you wont have any competition. also, ill be having a small gathering when i come visit utah in a week and a half.do you think you could make some cupcakes for me if i buy you the ingredients? let me know if that would work. oh, and i bought the cutest cupcake stand at bed, bath and beyond. you can see it on my blog with the cupcakes i made.

Rachel. said...

your cupcakes are beautiful. you are beautiful. do you still make them? do you still like the sun being up longer? tomorrow is the longest day of the year, after all. and I agree that it is so much easier to be happy, and/or leave ones home when it is not winter. the boston kind almost killed my soul. but I made it. we made it.