Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The internet is an enigma, wherein sometimes

i find pictures of myself on the internet that are not of me, but kinda are.

Here's one example:

(I doctored this image to make my point in Microsoft paint, which I am happy to report, was born the same month and years as me, and has changed remarkably little in those 26 years. I like when technology moves MUCH slower than I, a real human being, do.)

Which is not actually me at all, in any way, except that I have been in that location and have at one (or two) time(s) had that same hair. Oh, internet- always up to so many fun hijinks.

In other news, I went to this show last night (spoiler alert: swears for realz), which was delicious in every weird, slightly insane way you could ever desire. I believe that a spell was cast over us, and everyone is now drugged to oblivion and is a part of a cult that worships aliens/are satanists.

Oh, and in other other news, I think I may have an actual topic for my thesis. This news is serendipitous and VERY exciting/calming/unnerving news for me.



Jasie said...

holy crap i love that song you posted. That must have been quite a show.

Bakes. said...

THAT is the kind of show I need to be at.

Ps congrats on your thesis topic. Um, tell me about it sometime?

marge said...

I first read that as being cole's law