Monday, November 1, 2010

blargh, but good.

I am taking a break at work right now, I am inexorably tired of searching for a large enough resolution of the Vatican Tetrarchs (that didn't mean anything to you either? weird...)

I think my last post was taken as a little more morose than I had originally intended. Sorry for that. This one, in contrast will probably either be the other end of the spectrum, likely causing you (dear reader), to think that I am manic depressive, or totally bipolar. I am neither, I just have my good and bad days, just like the rest of us (right guys?? Right?).

I feel spectacular today. I talked to my dear sweet sister last night, and she pointed out that despite things being rough sometimes, we just keep going on, always trying to be the best people we can. She said that she liked that I already did that, and that made me feel ever-so nice inside. What a good human she is. Really, truly a gem.

I am aware of the general roughness of the family situation right now, which doesn't seem to be improving by any means. That doesn't mean that I have to carry it around with me every day- that is one of the best things about the gospel, I think. I have come to learn that there is a lot of healing in the Atonement of Jesus Christ- He is such a kind and loving being. I have come to know (however imprefectly) the power of the Atonement to heal broken hearts and to take pain away. It is a beautiful thing to me to have a Savior who loves me to the point of wanting to take away my pain. I know that it is rooted in love- there is no other explaination available for it. It has been hard and I am sure that things will remain hard, if not increasingly so. I have felt an outpouring of support from family and a few friends over the past week (not to mention the past few years for some of them...), and I am incredibly grateful for the love and help that is so abundantly available to me. What a terrific community.

To finish, a list of good things about today:
1. A professor who I esteem highly complimented my research today.
2. The weather is perfect. 100% divine.
3. My brother. I love that kid so so so much.
4. My house is chocked full of fantastic women. So smart, and so able, all of them.
5. I have a fighting chance of getting into graduate schools.
6 Interaction with crush No.1 went swimmingly today.
7. I am wearing my grandpa's belt (the one with the eagle swooping on the dinnerplate sized buckle). Good in its own right. On every level.

Celebratory wahoo, especially for a not-that-bad Monday. Yes, Please.


Marge Bjork said...

in a way, "blargh" is a very charming word. which is why i eat vatican tetrarchs for breakfast every morning.

Dani said...

you are neat.