Monday, November 22, 2010


Thanksgiving break begins in five minutes.
I haven't really thoroughly decided yet how I feel about that  fact. Mostly I feel unprepared for it.
I also feel like it will not really be a break at all. Hopefully I will be able to let you know about my projects throughout the week. There are a lot of them, and SOME of them are actually sort of exciting. Sort of.

Anyways, Here is the question:
Do I
a. Spend Thanksgiving at home with the 3/8 of the Brown siblingdom
b. Go up to Ogden to be fought over by adoring fans, or
c. Go to Heber with dear friend Jeff to have sup with his family.


Any one of the options might be immeasurably awkward. I guess it all depends on what I wear.


Marge Bjork said...

you should wear that one dress. mm-hm, yup, that one. ok, that's all sorted.

sara said...

the last sentence got me going sooo good.

funny because it's... true?!