Sunday, November 28, 2010

Done (This one's for Dog)!!

I'm done with a super-massive project I had been working on all semester.
It feels good to finish something that's sort of huge.
It is scary to me that this project is emblematic of my undergraduate career. In a few short weeks, I will be done with that also. Apprehension is huge, and I have no idea how I will fill up my life for 8 months.
 Suggestions? Anyone?

Anyone looking for a live-in nanny or maid?

In other news, my fish Dog died today. I have had him for over a year- since Brandon came up here. I got him because B was lonely in his first semester, and we felt that a fish would help ease the sting of his first time out on his own a bit (we can all remember those scary nights, when you realized that your burning Easy Mac was [soooo much like the paper I just wrote] emblematic of your melting social stamina and general well-being because really, you missed your mom and wanted to just lay down and have someone else worry about the gas bills that are due, and the fact that you are probably malnourished [srsly, Easy Mac!?], can't we?).

(I acknowledge and accept the ramifications of:
1. Run on nature of the last parenthetical sentence.
2. The disgusting-ness of aforementioned. Sorry.)

thanks for the graphic, cfp
Anyways, B found some friends, and then he decided he was unfit to care for Dog. So I got him. Apparently I am no more fit a care-taker for a fish named Dog than he was. I left the country for two months, and miracle-of-miracles, the little tyke survived. In spite of an aerosol nightmare and being fed by roommates twice. Maybe. Dog was a survivor, so hats off to him.

The Great Toilet in The Sky catches us all someday, I guess.


Rachel. said...

Rest in peace, little fish. Rest in peace.

(And as an aside, once upon a time when Meg Gallagher-Porter and I were 19, she asked me how to make Easy Mac. She couldn't figure it out. Which is remarkable in a way, since it's whole sell is that it is supposed to be easier. My own little brother who was visiting at the time may or may not have judged her for it. But likes her now. So it's cool.)

Marge Bjork said...

so, i can't make macaroni and cheese. srsly.