Thursday, April 14, 2011

i have gone, i have seen, and i have returned.

And I will leave again.


I went to Lincoln, Nebraska last week for a visit. Despite having  a difficult week with my neckmeats, I had a rather lovely time. I met some great new friends, and was thoroughly impressed by this new city. I hope the Midwest is ready for this jelly, because I accepted the offer (tuition+health insurance+stipend+gainful employment) at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

It feels strange to really have a new goal in achievable sight, and to see the future looming so forcibly in front of me. (I will soon enough have a master's degree... who would have thought that would be the case?) I hope that I am ready and able to live up to the expectations I have placed upon me.

I hope most that I will figure out what I really really love before I am too committed. 

How do you know what you love?

Maybe I am scared of commitment?

In the meantime, the rest of April promises to be lovely. I am here until August. I hope to maximize my time in Provo, which is as much or more my home than anywhere else on earth at this time. Come visit me in Nebraska?


*ehu. said...

I use to make fun of Nebraska, wondering what the heck is out there?!!! Now, you're out there.

I can't make fun of it anymore.

Jennifer said...

Coincidence that you wrote this on my bday?....... I think not. Let's party!