Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Went to a Psychic

I'm usually a skeptic. I have the hardest time suspending my disbelief in almost everything. But tonight, while waiting for a tremendous hotdog in downtown L.A., I went with a dear friend, who we'll refer to as Boo, to a psychic.
We tried one place first, but we sat in the front waiting room for about ten minutes, we decided she was totally phony (I mean- a psychic who can't sense your presence? C'mon!), we split.
Hot dog consumed, we ventured out in search of someone legit (tongue in cheek...). We came upon a little hole in the wall crawling with little kinders and shelves and shelves full of mystic accouterments and various talismans of future wisdom. Aaaaaand it only would cost us five bucks. So... yep. We went in.
The girl was really young looking. Like late teens/early twenties young. I was surprised about how much she said... I bought it, hook, line and sinker... I'll admit it. There. Now you know.

She told me so many things- it was kinda crazy. I mean, I know that there's a certain art to reading people and then saying whatever they want to hear... If that was her objective, TOTAL WIN. Well- worth the $5.
First of all, she told me that I was a man who died for my beliefs in another life...


She also said I was a very very old soul (my lines run deep).She explained that because I'm a woman in this life, I have a lot of really good energy. That's because I'm trying to give birth to a new soul... or something. I was trying to overcome the drama of death by working to make something good, and there was a lot of positive energy surrounding me.
She said that I have a guardian... (totally hokey here!) who died of cancer. she actually used that on me. So funny! She told me not to be freaked out, and I probably freaked her out by how little freaked out I was (I really do believe that the spiritual presence of our dead do abide with us. Yep. deep spirituality here...).
She went on and on about how I have a hard time connecting with other people, especially girls because of a lot of jealous energy directed at me, and I relate better to men (because... well... I used to be one, I guess??), which... yeah.
She told me to stay in school. She talked about how I have had and will have many, many hurdles to overcome in meeting my goals, but that because of the depth of my commitments and the strength of my soul, I shouldn't have too much trouble, rather that I have the capacity of growing from my troubles. Okay, okay. I'm in.
She said my financial woes would soon end (!!!).
Then, my favorite part, she talked about my love life. This part was... awesome.
She said I was a person who was intended to marry in this life (!!), and that I would marry for love (!!!!)... but that I haven't met my soul mate yet, and that I won't for six years or so.
But she said that I shouldn't worry about it because we will be happy. Well, all you crushes, say goodbye to this former-man-soul-lady.
It's not you.
Your loss.
Sorry, fellas.

And it's too bad too, because we are going to have TWINS!
They are really special spirits because they showed up... which is apparently a rare phenomenon in people. Sweet. Hardcore babies. (I'm terrified.)
Last, she told me to write down everything because I'm meant to be known for my writing and for what I do occupationally. She said that the things I think about are important to the world and to others. So, maybe I'll write more, okay?


sara said...

i. am. speechless. (and so jealous?!?)

Jendar said...

this post has inspired me to go to a psychic. remember that time when dina read our palms? it freaked me out. but i loved it! i still remember everything she said that day.

p.s. im jealous that you'll be having twins. ive always wanted twins.