Sunday, March 4, 2012

wait, what?

This keeps playing in my head.
It's relevant.
And it's stuck in there.
I want to sleep at your house tonight.


Marge Bjork said...

Somebody needs to collect stories of when smiths songs get stuck in people's heads and put them in a book. It would be amazing.

Marge Bjork said...

I still stand by my previous comment although I now recognize it doesn't relate to this.

Jasie said...

you are the loveliest.

Miss K$ said...

HAHAH! Marge's comment confused me a great deal until I read the second comment. I think people should collect Marge's comments and make a book out of them.

As for the murdering gunslinging hill billies you have in your neighborhood, just tell them that there is only enough room for one night noise at night. Currenlty that spot is held by trains. It's super selfish of them to take over and make all kinds of transportation and shipments late.