Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love

this. It's basically entirely how I feel after today.

Things you won't know the meaning for (try as you might!), but which I need to write down anyways because they are what my head is filled with, and I need a break from my head being full:

-post-empire vs. post modernism
-Niki Minaj and Pepsi, Weezy: Mt. Dew
-Fritz Scholder as hinge (yes.)
-Trip miles
-Squirrels getting tails chopped off
-Seeing a raccoon running fast at 2 am
-Paul Chaat Smith
-B wrote me first this time (!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Process anniversary/break things
-summer plans still undecided
-nice letters from bosses and advisers
-another panel (Grown Ass Woman points)
-what the hell even IS twitter (SOO Post-Empire)?
-seeing Channing Tatum vomit behind my "home teacher" lolzzz
-twin zit


It rained substantially today, but my car is still dirty. It think it's stuck like that, and it grosses me out.

Maybe it's this town. Maybe I drove through something stupid and corrosive (I DO love driving punishingly through puddles of immeasurable depth).