Saturday, October 29, 2011


today was better.
Much better.
I'm still not certain about everything, but I am feeling less pit-of-despair today.
I had lunch with a potential mentor.
I am grateful for people who are kind.
Also, I think academia is in need of more HUGS.
thank you for your concern.


Marge Bjork said...


truth be told, I've always felt a lack of hugs in my life. that will be the opening sentence in my memoir. everyone writes memoirs these days.

Wilberforce said...

Yesterday I saw two girls on campus giving out free hugs, and one had a sign saying "I'm fuzzy," because she had a soft lion mane costume thing. So I have gave her a hug, and in the middle of the hug she asked me for a dollar and I realized the sign said $1 for a hug, but I didn't have a dollar. Oops. They were raising money to go build houses in a poor country.