Monday, September 12, 2011

I have been here for a month and I feel like a failure

I had a goal to feel settled here in four weeks.
It has been one month exactly since I arrived.
I do not yet feel secure not settled.
Was that an unrealistic timeline?
Or have I really failed?

In other news, sometimes I don't want to do things that my church (read: only) friends want to do (read:FHE).
But I have been reading about the Renaissance for three hours, and I need a break.
It makes me wish that I had other friends here who could give me alternative options.
I miss you.


Jasie said...

four weeks is not very long. I had an emotional breakdown last week and I realized that I had to force myself to have some patience and accept that it could take months before I feel settled. I feel a lot better now.

Also, I'm skipping FHE tonight. I wish I could be there to be your alternative.

Hillary said...

it usually takes me one year to feel comfortable in a new place. even a new apartment.
i don't really know if this is supposed to help...i guess i mean i don't think it takes a month.
i will pray you make a good friend.

(also my word verification is neawargh)

Rachel. said...

Jessica (Ecker) always gives herself four months. I think that is a more appropriate, and more accurate time frame. Four weeks is so short. Even missionary transfers are 6 weeks. So give yourself a few more weeks (or months). I think it takes time to make friends, and even more time to make whole friends, meaning the kind of friends who understand a lot of aspects of you--not only one thing like church, or even art. At least that is what I found in Boston. And when I did, I only found a few, but they are still dear and cherished to me. Best of luck, my lady.