Monday, September 26, 2011


ethics happen before the law.
the law takes over where ethics can't regulate your life anymore.
I went to a discussion group today.
I think people don't understand.
and I think that distinction needs to be made.
They kept wanting to talk about intellectual properties:
but the discussion was about ethics.

and that precedes the law.
Am I wrong?

In other news, I really miss my brother.
he told me today that he is starting to dream in German.
I remember those days.

I thought about having a crush, but decided it's not a good idea.

Confession: I am lonely.
How can ethics help me?

I need to write more about how BYU made us have low self-esteem (conversation from tonight...).
More later.



Emily said...

One thing I love about you and loved about knowing you at BYU is that you always helped me have higher self-esteem. And I mean that really sincerely (sometimes meaningful things sound hokey over a blog comment).

GraceyFin said...

agreed about BYU. also- I know this is a long time away... but I will be driving from Provo to St. Louis is April and I'm going to stop by and see you!!! Since it's on the way and all.... :)

Wilberforce said...

I need to read the more that you need to write about BYU and self-esteem, later.

Lesshalynn said...

ahem. Who are you, Wilberforce?

Marge Bjork said...

ethically speaking, there's a museum director up here who's single. I know a one armed man who'll set you up with him.

Marge Bjork said...

I'm going to hell for that but it's the honest truth.