Monday, June 13, 2011

Is that what you do? So do I!

this rendition of this song is totally horrible;
last weekend was the opposite of horrible.
why not have a three-legged visit to a horde celebration of freedom with an fellow non-consumer?

(this guy was impressed with our skillz.)

then M. B.'s feet got tired.

oh hey, K$$.

uhm, M.B...?

dat's better!!


and then we slept in that treehouse again. seriously so good.

I'm pretty sure we both look the best in the morning. ;(

'lil temple excursion down to Manti. Purely joyous.

Don't we look happy?

Photochopping skillz.

I am grateful for my friends. Here's to one-and-a-half months of summery goodness.


Marge Bjork said...

i really wish the camera would have caught my great yoga moves. we have great friends.

wsb said...

2 thumbs way up
if you're one of us, then you're one of me