Thursday, June 9, 2011


I totally did this before it became a craze... also, we called it 'facedown', you'll kindly recall.

somebody is smoking outside right now.
I thank smokers all of the time inside of my head all of the time, even though I know (logically) that I should be disappointed or angry at them. But I also know (emotionally) (yes. they are different. and yes. they are real.) that smoke smells like Europe. I have been back for almost a year exactly. It will be exact in two weeks time. That smell is glorious, and sometimes I forget what Europe smells like. I spent a lot of time smelling Europe... Smell, in my humble opinion, is a thoroughly under-appreciated sense, so I made a point of smelling things. Sure I looked a little strange at times, sniffing the walls of churches, exotic (can western Europe be considered "exotic"?) trees, subway stations and museum artifacts.
So thank you, anonymous smoker outside. Thank you for reminding me of the continent.

this video also reminded me of the EU for it's overwhelming visual stimulation and basic foreign-ness.


harold and maude said...

facedown is really good. probably my favorite.

Jasie said...

I too appreciate the smells of Europe. Every once in a while I'll get a whiff of Italy and I'm taken back to some happy moments. Smokers never bother me.

 Natalie said...

Gah, Alicia, have we talked about how much I love smelling things?? My dad will "catch" me sniffing things, and he always makes me feel awkward about it. Also, smoking for me = China. Love it.

 Natalie said...

Also, sorry that I put catch in quotations. I didn't know how else to explain it.