Saturday, October 16, 2010

So this one time I went to Europe...

...and there are a lot of really really great things there. I resent the fact that I have not really talked about it much on here. My selective neglect is unfortunate, and it will continue. However, there are a few things that I DEFINITELY feel like you should know.

One of the great things that I did while I was in Europe, was play this little game that my friend K$$ and Chunk play on our round-the-world travels. It involves this website. It is very funny, and you should consider playing it.

So there's a lot of public art around in Europe, you know? This is one example.

So. Back to that game.

It's pretty fun to play.

Sometimes I  like to go to the steps of really famous architects in places like Paris. I like that a lot.

There are more.
I will try to share them with you sometime.

Promise I will try.



Keri said...

Oh hey- great blog post. Talk more about Europe please. Post pictures and reflect.

 Natalie said...

Your games are awesome. Like shake face and barfing in pictures.