Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why the world is falling apart:

This semester was intended to be fun and enlightening. Instead it is basically shattering my worldview and challenging everything I've been socialized and raised to believe. I don't really know where I stand in relation to so so many things, and I feel like there's a whole lot of security that's being exposed and taken away from me... I guess it means I'm learning? Anyways, I feel like I don't have a philosophical and educational and theoretical home right now- I'm becoming a post structuralist snob that can't settle on anything.
I question everything.
I feel inadequate to write any sort of history because I want to explode traditional notion and I want to look at every *other* point of view...I watched a film about this woman, Angie Debo today:

She said something that melted my heart and inspired and intimidated me:
"Tell the truth so that other people can use it."

I liked that. I need to find the drive, the passion, the resolve and the grace Debo had. She's my new idol.

In completely unrelated news, how do you guys feel about setting people up/being set up?? Have you done it/ been victim to it?? What was it like? I need advice.


Austin said...

i am so curious now as to who you'd like to set up with whom. Or with whom YOU want to be set up

Elisa said...

I am in favor of being set up with or setting up others AS LONG as the reason for wanting to set the two people up is more than just both are single/ (in our case) both are Mormon. I have had people say to me, "Hey I want to set you up with my dentist because he is funny and shares your love of oral hygiene," which I totally appreciated. However, when someone says something like, "How old are you? My grandson is twenty five also!! Would you like to meet him?" RUN AWAY!!!!

Amber said...

I have never been set up.. mostly because I run away when someone mentions they have a single friend.. it usually leads to a blind date, which in my opinion ends in disaster more times than not.. Also don't believe the stories that people in love are prone to tell about how they met on a blind date and it was love at first sight.. blah blah blah. No it wasn't love at first sight, it was simply relief that the guy turned out to be semi-normal. This leads them to accept a second date and so on.. Just Say NO!

If you want to set other people up, then by all means go for it! It's always fun to see other people tormented. lol :)