Friday, January 16, 2009

I wish it were summer

I wish that it
were summer so bad right now. I think if it were, I would've spent the day like this:
1. Wake up around 9.
2.Make some eggs for breakfast (It's very important.)
3. Get dressed.
3.5. Read in the hammock.
4. Hang out with Joe, Jasie, Joey, Keri and Dani if she was in town and not in some exotic locale.
5. Ride my bike around town and say hullo to folks i see.
6. Hit up one of the mandatory, multitudinous and amply available parties.
7. Got for a dip in Mona Lake.
I miss Mona Lake the most. I think it's magical ,and one day I will tell my grandkids about the mysteries of that place and about going skinny dipping- definitive moments were made there. I want to swim, and my shower just isn't cutting it anymore.

I wish it were summer.


Kerianne said...

I resonate with this post very much.

Jendar said...

i like this post. did i take that pic of mona? and is that jasie in the water?

Christine Armbruster said...

we can pretend it's summer and go skinny dipping in mona anyways. fhe next week, that's what we'll do.

Annie said...

Um what about me? I = summer.

Jasie said...

Hey, is that me in that pic of Mona? :D