Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AHHHHH... The Interwebs.

I was looking around for some things today... zooming around, looking for stuff of interest and just kinda web surfing, or as i call it, 'research'. I'm accessing the thing that the French philosopher, Lacan would call my 'Social Order.'
I would someday (soon) like to write an ode to web surfing. It is a joy and one of the small mathematical 'jollies' of my life.

My results for the day include, but are not limited to the following.

1.I encourage you to participate in this one... it's good.
Basically this ( website asks you why you do whatever it is that you do... I like it. I think it's good and thought provoking. So tell me! Why DO you do whatever it is that you do? I'd like to know. and give me something meaty. I want to make art about it.

2. I am recently really interested in the idea of women in art... mostly because I'm enrolled in a class by the same name by a wonderful feminist and mother/scholar the discussions we have in that class are multivalued, intense, draining, enlightening, empowering, and intense. It's a good one.
So I've been looking into topics for a term paper... the possibilities are endless. I don't however, want to write something easy-I'm ready for a challenge here! I don't want to do a biographical sketch of some hidden woman-artist...I need some social commentary and some real meat... Something about the infrastructural problem- I'm tired of feminists treating the symptoms of the problem, rather than treating the disease. I'm tired of the disease, and I want to see how women REALLY fit into the social fabric of culture, and see why it is that they are relegated to to the social status they now hold.
Here are a few options.


(A note on that last one, anyone interested in going to the PowWow with me?)

3. I'm in a History of Photography class. For the most part, I am extremely bored with the class thus far. I feel badly about it, but, well, I can't help it! Nevertheless, I am trying to find something that interests me in the topic... so far, I've only found this:I like this guy's ideas about stuff... about the idea of seeing people for whoever they are in a moment of truth when they jump. I like that.
A lot.

I love the internet.
It's a magical rainbow that connects you and me.


Jendar said...

i love jumping pictures! while i was on my mission i took a bunch of jumping pictures. theyre just so fun.

Christine Armbruster said...

you should do your paper on that!! that would be incrediable. please please please do that.

Annie said...

I miss school. And I am jealous of that women in art seminar. And I am jealous of the photography class. But mostly I am just excited that you can take them...even if I can't. Enjoy them.

Blackeyedsue said...

I'll join you on that trip to the Pow-wow.