Saturday, September 21, 2013


I just need to say this.

I really don't care about football.

Just really, no.

There. I did it.

I know I should. I went to two colleges and that are big football schools. It's like a major religion at both of them, and I have been to one game at each. I enjoyed myself, but it's really just whatever. I know that so many people who I love (maybe even you?) care SO much. It's cool. But I really really, sincerely just could not care less. I understand the game, I grew up watching it... I just don't care, and I am incredibly tired of feeling obligated to care.

I just don't.


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Brooke said...

I do not care either. Not at all.
Like, I surprise myself by how much I don't care. I can't even BEGIN to muster up caring feelings.

I feel much more pride in my school when they are good at things like art and science.