Friday, December 7, 2012


I have come to a realization.
I have been living my life life it was broken.
Some days, I really feel pretty broken...
I think I have pretty legitimate reasons for some of that business.
But in equal measure, I have legitimate reasons to feel whole.
I am starting to see that I have closed my heart and it has blocked me from a lot of good things.
So I am calling my own bluff.
My life isn't actually broken- it's human

And so, I am done with the broken schtick. 

It's pretty boring and like, SUPER draining.
I am done putting conditions on the way that I love and give. I am done demanding the most specific and probably impossible requirements from situations and people. Especially from people.
I'm not making any huge promises, but I am committing to be aware and to at least try. I am going to try to live with an open and full damn heart. I am going to show up and belong and be present and make mistakes and allow myself to feel loved. I block that last one the very most. It's really tiring.
I think this is probably the beginning of a very good season.

Can you help me?

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Rachel Hunt said...

I can help you.

I love you.

Please feel it.