Wednesday, April 25, 2012

thomas kinkaide

I had the thought today, as fleeting as it may be, that working in a Thomas Kinkaide gallery might just be sort of post-modernist, art historical canon challenging, stick-it-to-the-maniosis't work I could do satisfactory to my beliefs. I would do that, of course, after I received my master's degree in Art History and Curatorial Studies.

I would get to mix Kinkaide's now DNA with ink that I would then use to stamp his name on the prints I sold. That DNA would come from his urine. After all, how else could an artwork be authentic? I hope they collected a lot of urine before he died. Maybe they will use other bodily fluids from his body (too far??) now that he is gone forever.

How many of these can you look at before wanting to meander through the English countryside or scream:

What do you think? 

Do I have a future making more money per year in a mall gallery than I likely will with my original professional goals?

Is it sad to you that calendar art is more lucrative than the pursuit of academic knowledge?


madeline said...

law and order told me there isn't DNA in urine. but i bet kinkaide's does. he's that special. ;(

Marge Bjork said...

incidentally I have a friend who has a podcast called Pitch, the entire premise is to pitch strange TV shows and movies. One idea was to have a TV show "Law N Order" which would be L&O with muppet side kicks.

These paintings make me want to roam through the english countryside AND scream. Which is a really hilariously mythological kind of thing to do.