Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The last great app

  Today is the last day of the process of applying to graduate schools. The process has been self-reflective and ...for lack of a better word, hard. Without being too self-congratulatory, I am now entering what will surely be the absolutely most torturous episode of the process of continuing my education: the wait.
  In the process of asserting and determining a plan for graduate school, I sometimes felt totally lost, totally flummoxed and doubtful about my convictions to persevere. I wondered what I was doing, and if it was right, but I am very grateful to announce that I am firm in my desire and determination to continue in my education.
  I now wait and seek closure on so (so many) many things. Despite this, I have decided to be happy and enjoy the moment that I'm in now. I realized once last week that I was basically unaware of the social norm to be unhappy, discouraged, and dissatisfied with where I'm at. Yes- things could be better, and yes, I could know more things about myself and about others. I can admit that. But there is also so much that is happy and good about right now; about just-not-knowing.

  Here's to more not knowing. 

  I am excited about being in New York by this time next week. So much goodness in store there; so much to learn and so many people with whom I can connect and build. I am excited to be on the right coast again, ready to brave snowpocalypse 2011.
  In totally unrelated news, I can't stop listening to this song really loud in my room. Also, I have now shaved my underarms 2 total times this year. I don't see why I should... so I don't.
  Happy February, people.


wsb said...

like this. like you.

Courtney McWhorter said...

amen to the aforementioned post.

jendar said...

as i'm reading this post you are sleeping on my futon. waiting IS hard. when i applied to grad schools, i remember coming home everyday and being absolutely anxious to open the mailbox. anyway, grad school is awesome. wherever you end up going you'll love it. yes, it is a lot of work but so worth it. plus it goes super fast. everyone should get a master's. totally worth the time, effort and money.