Wednesday, January 5, 2011

december: a review, etc.

Phew! December was B.U.S.Y.
so a few MAJOR things happened December 2010.
I graduated from BYU with a BA in Art History and Curatorial Studies. Want to hire me?
I went to the temple to be endowed. It was incredible and beautiful and overwhelming and great. So great. BFF Kara came with me- the perfect choice.
My dad moved to Mexico.
My dad's BFF died tragically of a heart-attack while mountain biking (SUPER awful).
My baby Brother landed in and began his mission in Germany. He is in Bamburg currently.
I became unemployed.

that's basically it. I guess it's sort of a lot for one month. Oh yeah- add that to Christmas and New Years with all the hubub that entails. New Years was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. this year (usually one of my LEAST favorite holidays) because it was rather low key, and somehow really incredible and fun. You should find an excuse to have a dance party in the street sometime. It's great.

This new year is going to be full of adventure. I'm feeling a little apprehensive about things as I write this and come to the realization that a lot of things in my life depend on other people's acceptance of me as a person:

+I am applying to 5 graduate schools. So many people will be judging the paper representatives of me in the coming months.

+I given pressure for the first time EVER over Christmas festivities about not dating anyone/being wed. The prospect of dating someone is intimately tied with another person's acceptance and love of me.

+My house has taken a dramatic shift; the end of an era, some have called it. Three new random housemates incur a great deal of stress in the notion that they might hate us and our house's culture.
   -one of them flirts with every male-type who has entered our house thus far- 
   -one of them I have never seen-

In the meantime, I am working at the Central Utah Arts Center. It is Awesome. You should probably check it out.
I write press releases for their shows, and sometimes do other stuff. I'll post the latest.


jendar said...

alicia! congrats on graduation and going to the temple. two amazing accomplishments. what master's degree are you thinking about getting? if by any chance you end up in nyc or close to nyc please let me know. i would love to see ya! also, like you i'm a bit nervous about 2011 as i seriously have no idea what will happen but despite the nervousness of the unknown im also super excited about it! i feel like anything can happen. and when i mean anything, i hope for good things to happen.

oh just ehu. said...

DUDE! WHAT??? Wow, you're endowed!! CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you!!
AND you graduated too!? I'm even MORE happy for you!!
Wow, so your Dad moved to Mexico..ok, well that's a definite change of scenery.
Dude, I hope you're doing well. I miss your face...well, I miss you. I hope to see you again sometime soon.

Marge Bjork said...

Hey, guess what, I accept you as a person. I can't employ you nor can I teach you how to play any musical instruments. Oh wait, the nose flute. Wanna play the nose flute?

fortune is good to the bold said...

i miss you.

ps. you are an excellent writer.

sara said...

A few things: You expressed the feeling of graduation quiet well. You also described the shift in our housing dynamics perfectly. The end of an era, yes. But we can still continue our inspiring and invigorating experiences. Let the games begin!

sara said...

*quite. not quiet.

(I'm... tired?!)

Kirk said...

I love spontaneous dance parties and planned ones.