Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hi, awesome opportunity.

I got accepted to the BYU Art History Study Abroad 2010. I am the most excited I've ever been. Ever.

My itinerary:



the United Kingdom

the Netherlands


and France.

In other news, This woman is my hero. I love the things she says. She sort of set up the stage for a lot of the things that I believe in and study. You should watch her and listen to her speak. She like 85 years old. Kind of amazing. She is credited with setting much of the foundation for feminist art history. I hope it works. I love you.


danijean said...

CONGRATS! I am sooooo jealous... can I go in your suitcase? also, OMG, you stole my idol! I am going to be Linda Nochlin when I grow up! I will fight you for it!

oh just ehu. said...

WOW dude!!! I'm so stoked for you!! That's such an awesome experience!! BTW .... When am I ever going to see you again?